Don’t Let Your Brand Die

981 views 27mins Mar 2021

In the near future, a weary media consultant cares for an ailing client in a hide out on the Mexican border. But his attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended by an age old question. How to Build Your Brand Virtually?

Survive Nantahala

1060 views 0hr : 14mins Dec 2023

In an undefined future where father and son have voluntarily abandoned land to get back on the Nantahala River, the old man initiates his son to the reasons of humanity’s return to nature.

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I'll Be Loving You - Collage - Dustin _Dynasty_ Nelson 2018 Remix


8.2 (stm)

0hr : 08mins

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Central Florida Based Breakbeat/EDM/Trap Producer/DJ Dustin “Dynasty” Nelson, With a seasoned game and a trained ear for today’s edgy and catchy sounds. Dynasty is taking the dance world with no prisoners! Whether he is writing catchy lyrics to a vocal anthem or producing a beat with cutting edge sound. Dynasty has proved he has what it takes to deliver some of today’s hottest Breakbeats.

Dustin "Dynasty" Nelson
Dustin "Dynasty" Nelson

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