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Launch YourOwn TV Channel

We are in the early years of each of us owning our own TV Channels. The Roku platform is a growing network of channels. Many of us who have cut cable, have moved over already into some type of smart tv that provides internet tv channels such as Netflix, Hulu, etc.. The list is growing as networks add their Cable Networks to Internet TV Platforms. It is possible to launch a Internet TV channel with some experience in being a developer or you can contact a Developer to create your channel. Some channel ideas are:
* Artist Channel
* Local Channel
* Music Channel
* Business Channel
* Church Channel
* Educational Channel
* Sports Channel
* Event Specific Channel
We are available to answer any Internet TV questions.

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steady and smooth

Steady and Smooth

Steady and Smooth is a way to maintain sharp focus & prevent any shakiness in your videos, use both hands and lock your elbows into your body for the best stability, this will also prevent blur in your videos. It also isolates the camera operator’s movement. Steady and Smooth makes the shot look controlled, capturing the action without any wobbles. I suggest a Steadycam, it is a camera stabilizer, so it absorbs bumps and shakes, even if the camera is jostled or moves over an uneven surface. Your shots will still appear smooth.

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How To Sell Videos Online

How you can start selling videos online in 7 steps:
1. Find your video topic. (Examples would be lessons, entertainment, health and fitness, sports, yoga and meditation, e-learning, Kids content and spirituality.)
2. Plan your content. (Step by step video content in addition to photos and b-roll. What is the specific outcome for anyone who subscribes to your video?)
3. Decide on a payments. How will you monetize your videos. (How much you will charge per video on demand VOD or series of video.)
4. Create your videos. (Start working on recording your content. Even if you are practicing. You can also hire a video production manager to help you take care of your project.
5. Upload your videos. (Find the right platform to upload your content. Such as your website or online video platforms that lead to your content. Studio Time Media is designed to save you time, effort, and money since you can do it all yourself with the guidance to get you online.
6. Organize your content ( You can create a menu comparable to those on Netflix and Amazon Prime that feature links to chapters, episodes, and other digital content you have uploaded.)
7. Promote your video service. (Use social media, Facebook and Instagram are super focused on video right now. Leverage YouTube, this video-beast can also be a great source of traffic to your videos and your website. Build a mailing list, email is still the origional one way to get in touch with potential customers. Give customers the option to join your newsletter on all of your content.

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audio visual orlando tampa jacksonville florida

Audio Visual Services

The world has changed, but Production Companies haven’t. We are here to help you. Reliable production make it easy to produce content onsite and remotely in real time. Remote Content Production and Onsite Production available for any event. Contact Netza Rodriguez at for the details to set up Audio Visual services for your event. We are not bound to any specific area and can travel for your events needs. #audiovisualproduction #projection #web #video production #livestream #tech #events #weddingservices #pipe and drape

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livestreamed event

Why Live Stream Your Events

With more than 60% of event professionals broadcasting videos as the main part of their strategy for marketing, live streaming events provide creators with a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience of remote attendees, boost engagement, strengthen their social media accounts, and reduce event costs.

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audio quality

Audio Quality

Audio quality, don’t underestimate high-quality sound. If you want to record someone speaking, get as close to them as possible and make sure they are heard above any other noise in the background. Practice with different microphones if possible and use a microphone that can capture the quality sound you need.
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