What is Studio Time Media?

The world has changed, but Production Companies haven’t. We are here to help you. Our reliable production make it easy to produce content onsite and remotely in real time. Remote Content Production and Onsite Production available for any event. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality, therefore we document with state of the art equipment and high definition cameras. Our services will provide friendly personal and professional services from our staff. Our multi media packages include: Personal and Business Documentaries, Video Editing Services, Remote and Onsite Video Production, Last Will Videos, Photo to Video, Live Streaming Services, Podcasting

Can you help me set up a podcast?

With more than 60 percent of event professionals broadcasting videos as the main part of their strategy for marketing, podcasting events provide creators with a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience of remote attendees, boost engagement, strengthen their social media accounts, and cut event costs. 

I am facing audio quality issues. What do I do?

Audio quality, don’t underestimate high-quality sound. If you want to record someone speaking, get as close to them as possible and make sure they are heard above any other noise in the background. Practice with different microphones if possible and use a microphone that can capture the quality sound you need.

Photo vs Video?

Video is especially good for capturing people speaking and for active moments when movement is essential. Photos are ideal for capturing a special moment or providing a still focus on your subject. This video of my family exploring and camping is a great way to see the combination of both video and photos used on this specific project. If you liked the video, show support for my work by subscribing to my channel.

What benefits does emotional content have?

Emotions lead to sharing your content, our brains are more inclined to share emotional videos that touch our heart, tears and motivational spirit. Take advantage of this by paying attention to the use of music and content you use in your video. Watch your videos grow as music elicits strong emotions.